When my mom was here last week, we had to take a few trips to Cancer Central for Nupogen shots. While we were there, we ran into my friend Mandy.

She’s been doing chemo for a long time now for the OC. She’s on the MORAB-003 trial now, though, and doing well. In fact, some of the most persistent tumors (like the one on her liver) have disappeared altogether.

I was so happy to hear Mandy’s great news, especially in front of my mom. I can tell my family all day long that MORAB-003 is resulting in miracles for some women, but for my mom to hear it out of Mandy’s mouth, and to see the joy on her face: priceless.

On the way home, my mom, the eternal optimist that she is, said she felt it was serendipitous that we ran into Mandy, a sign that we were going to find out soon that MORAB-003 was working for me, too. We’ve been waiting patiently, you see. They test the CA-125 tumor marker at the beginning of the trial, then again, after four doses.

Well, mom was right. As usual. We found out this morning that my CA-125 had reached 756 when I started the trial, and after four mini-doses of taxol (and maybe the study drug), the number is now down to 110!


I mean, Hallelujah!

I don’t think it’s sunk in yet that this very doable “lifestyle” chemo regimen is working for me. When it does, I might explode. Or cry. Or it might just be that we’ve been on this roller coaster for so long now that my reaction will be to simply be thankful and carry on.

It’s storming here in Sugartown today. Big fat raindrops pelt the daffodils. But this year, their stems are so robust that their bright yellow heads don’t even sag in the downpour. Maybe each year that they return, the daffodils grow stronger, more resilient. They just stand out there in the rain in their quiet glory.



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  1. Sidney’s avatar

    Very nicely written, Jenn. Your good news is great, as is your daffodil metaphor. Lovely. Enjoy the rain!

  2. Terre’s avatar

    great news, Jennifer! soooooo happy for you. you and your daffodil–wonderful symbol. And love that your mother was with you. Enjoy!

  3. Jo’s avatar

    hey jenn, so thrilled about your news and can imagine how perfect it was for your mother to be there for that conversation – from all points of view!

    Whatever your reaction when this all sinks in….it’ll be the right one! Cry, scream, carry on, or even explode – although I hope you don’t do that!

    I love the way you write and I also love the daffodil imagery too!


  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thanks, Sid. The rain has been pretty hardcore up here this weekend. Today is a nice reprieve, though.

    Hugs and love to you, Terre.

    Thanks, Jo. I wished I could have given you this news in person or on Skype, but since you’re down under and our schedules rarely overlap, I had to share it here first. Can’t wait to see you in the spring…

  5. Helena’s avatar

    It’s pouring rain here too, Jennifer, but it feels fresh and sweet and I feel like singing in it, after your news :) I’m so glad you had your serendipitous moment, and I’m so glad those numbers are down and hooray for Hallelujah!

    Daffodils are my all-time favourite flower. Thank you for them, too!

    Much MUCH love to you, my friend.

  6. Tracy Schaelen’s avatar

    Take that, OC! I’m so happy that this trial is as good as you had hoped it would be. Believe it or not, it has been raining in San Diego, too–lots! (Okay, maybe not lots in your book.) Your blog posts are like the icing on my day. Keep ‘em coming!


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