Like a River That Can’t Find the Sea

This is what the after-dinner cuddle looked like last night. It was Dennis’s last supper at home before leaving for his annual China trip. We ate a roast, sipped wine, and talked Virgil into believing that all would be fine with his Daddy away.

Dennis has only been gone since 7:20 this morning, but I miss him already. The first few days after he departs are always the hardest. A little off-kilter, I don’t sleep as soundly, and I wear an extra sweater around the house because I know that warm hugs aren’t coming through the door any time soon.

Little J and I are excited though too. First of all, Auntie Mari is coming to stay.  Second, the long-awaited Chuck E. Cheese trip is coming up. And finally, Grandma will be here. For Little J, this means brand new sneakers and many other treats. For me, it means good food, deep sleep, and sharing a quilt for an old movie or two.

This China trip is shorter than most, so it shouldn’t be as hard. But when you land and read this baby, please know that we already miss you dearly. It’s about to start raining, and we’re hoping the new blossoms will hang onto their branches until you’re back.



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  1. Dennis’s avatar

    I love you and miss you. Stay dry and have have fun. I’ll be home soon. Kiss


  2. chris’s avatar

    Mmmm..I have listened to Dindi hundreds of times but your writing gave new meaning to the lyrics. “If I only had words I would say all the things…” Indeed. You have them and they are beautiful. Thank you.
    xxox, C

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    Thanks so much, Chris. (((Hugs)))


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