Powdered Sugartown

We were so wishing for snow today. The weathermen had our hopes soaring, and bone-chilling temperatures had me dreaming of waking up to a winter wonderland. Alas, the sun is shining and the briefly frosted-over grass has already thawed. Ah, California.

It’s been a busy time since we arrived home from Portland on Monday night. Little J’s school was closed for “ski week,” so Tuesday he spent the day with his friend JStew while mama got chemo. It was a snap for me. A short 2.5 hours in the chair, and I was done. I barely had time to get through all my magazines.

Wednesday, I was a bundle of energy thanks to Decadron, the steroid they give me with the chemo. The stuff makes for a red-faced and talkative Jenn the day after getting juiced.

Thursday was tough. It seems like two days after chemo is going to be my one pooped out day of the week. But that’s doable.

Yesterday was full of treats because Linda traveled up from the South Bay with her little ‘uns for a play day. The kids worked on out-sillying each other while Linda and I caught up and wished we lived closer.

Last night I went out with two new friends, moms at Little J’s school. Dinner and drinks at Finn’s with these two sweet ladies reminded me of what puts the sugar in Sugartown.

No snow, but lots of sugar. Lots of sweetness.



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  1. chris’s avatar

    Reading your blog makes my heart swell and eyes water. You write so beautifully. Every entry reminds me of the preciousness of life, time and relationships. So happy your count went up to qualify for the Morab-003!!
    xxoxox, C

  2. Linda’s avatar

    Treats indeed! So great spending the day with you guys. Looking forward to more silliness soon.xoxoxo

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    Oh, yes. More silliness indeed. Thanks for making the trek up. It was a perfect piece of a perfect weekend.

  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi Chris, thanks so much for your sweet comments and for keeping in touch. Haven’t seen you on the Court for a spell. Hugs to you and Bob.


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