Snow Day

Today = fantastic: Little J’s first snow-play and sled adventure (with a dog!) took place.

We’re staying at Carolyn and Tommy’s beautiful abode in Portland for the weekend, and they (and their pooch, Lucca) treated us to an exhaustingly fun afternoon on Mount Hood.

Luckily for us, Tommy had enough gear to protect a bunch of Californians from the elements. Though I’d donned my warmest cords, wool sweater, jacket, and boots, Tommy took one look at me and started handing me more layers: rain pants, down jacket, and Wellingtons.

Little J had so many layers that I thought he’d have trouble moving. Not so much. The kid took to saucering and sledding like nobody’s business.

We ended up playing for a few hours. We all tried out the saucers and sleds. We all got tossed, spun, and dumped. We all will sleep very well tonight. After a big and hot well-deserved home-made meal.

It’s so good to see friends. To play hard like kids.

  1. Jo’s avatar

    How superb Jenn! What a great way to spend a winter’s day in Portland, all rugged up and having fun like kids!


  2. Shelly’s avatar

    Awesome! I am so glad you got your snow adventure in and hopefully it was truly a better experience for you than you could ever imagine (I recall you saying a snow weekend was not necessarily your cup of tea). From what you have posted, this is the case. It definitely helps to have others take care of all the logistics (where, what, how long and then of course the home-made meal to cap it all off!).

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    You’re right, Shelly, snow is not our cup of tea. But thanks to our protective and thoughtful hosts, it couldn’t have been more comfortable and fun. And seeing Lil J take to the fluffy stuff like a playful penguin was the best. Hope all’s well with you.

  4. Jennifer’s avatar

    I know, Jo. The last time we’d been to the snow was Tahoe with you guys. Seriously. The trip of the Banged up Benz and the gorgeous snow shoe trek. You guys have seen snow in the US a handful of times since then, and you don’t even live here. Ah well, we are sun people, after all. But Tommy and Carolyn made it super fun and luxurious with blankets (which I hogged to myself), thermoses of hot water (also hogged) and the down jacket right off Tommy’s back. That’s right, for me. She married a prince, like I did. Hugs to you and hope to see you soon.


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