100 Days

Little J has been a Kindergartener for 100 days, and at our neighborhood Sugartown school, they didn’t hold back the celebration. Here he is in school sweatshirt, crown, Fruit Loops (100 pieces) necklace. Note he is also clutching 100 Days pencil as though it were made of gold:

As if this were not exciting enough, the same week, he received the “Citizen of the Month” award at school for showing the monthly featured characteristic: acceptance. Indeed.

And, as you can see by the uniform above, he’s now practicing Taekwondo.

Words do not exist to describe the love we have for this boy.

Hugs and happy Friday,


  1. Sally Taylor’s avatar

    You can be proud parents indeed! And his teacher is one lucky teacher!

  2. Leigh’s avatar

    This kid rocks!

  3. Linda’s avatar

    When they play together, Sabrina can share the 100 days glasses she made at her school’s 100 days celebration (made of paper and tie around the face to look super cute) and her 100 days art projects. Her favorite was the 100 days snack belt (a fanny pack made of card stock with stapled on plastic bag to hold her 10 sets of 10 snacks).

    Can’t wait to give the little citizen of the month and his wonderful parents hugs! xoxo

  4. Corrina Kelly-Nelson’s avatar

    Little J is getting so big!! He’s such a handsome guy! hugs to all

  5. wendy t’s avatar

    I understand, completely!!!!!!

  6. Jennifer’s avatar

    Wendy, I knew you would.

  7. Jennifer’s avatar

    Corrina, it’s so neat that you knew him when he was a little 3 yr old. Or maybe 2! You took such good care of him when we moved to Sugartown. He recently ran up to a pretty blond lady and started talking to her, then came back sheepishly saying, “I thought it was Corrina!” He’s thinking of you…

  8. Jennifer’s avatar

    Linda, I love that kids celebrate the first 100 days of school. We never did growing up. It’s a neat way to help them mark the passage of time, which is still so confusing to them. We put up sailboats on Lil J’s calendar to mark the days until Dennis leaves for China. I’m waiting for him to sneak in some more sail boats to push Friday further away.

  9. Jennifer’s avatar

    You would know, Leigh! The Salt rocks, too!

  10. Jennifer’s avatar

    Aww, thanks Sally. Hope we get to see you sometime soon. Hugs.


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