August 2012

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Ste. Genevieve-veillant-sur-Paris

I have had a few thoughts that I’ve wanted to share, and since today is Jennifer’s birthday, it seems like a good day to do so. Four Seeds is all Jenn, so I do not intend to continue to post here. However, because many people have asked, I do want to let everybody know that I plan to keep the site up so that you can continue to visit and, if moved to, make comments.

Some of you know that earlier this year Jennifer fell in love with Paris. It had always been a source of romance and allure but somehow, in all of her travels, she had never visited the City. After reading a particular book set in Paris, she began planning a trip. She sought more stories set in Paris, looked for movies set in Paris, asked people to forward her photos of Paris. It was settled, we were going…

A week or so after the memorial, I saw a print in my favorite Sugartown antique shop. Something about it kept drawing my attention. I finally picked it up and flipped it over: “St. Genevieve Watching Over Paris” (by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes). Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris. Among other things, as the Huns approached and prepared to attack Paris in 451, Genevieve led the fearful citizens in a prayer marathon that managed to divert the Huns and save the City. It was said that through her instruction and example, she led people to a high degree of sanctity. The print now hangs in our living room.

Everyone reading this has their own unique and personal relationship with Jennifer. However, there is a common theme from people I have spoken with and heard from which is that Jennifer met people and every opportunity assuming the highest potential. As a result you wanted to live to your highest potential. To Jennifer, it didn’t matter where you were from and what you had done. Where you are, what you do in the present, and where you are going, these are most important.

Along with our individual experiences and thoughts of Jennifer, this is what we can all carry forward together. As we do, and as we pay it forward, we will help Jennifer’s spirit live on. We will help Jennifer’s spirit continue to grow.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer. I miss you. I love you. -Dennis